Craters of the Moon

I wasn’t able to go to last week’s Comm 100 class because I was on a field trip for my other communications class. Fortunately I was able to find out some very interesting ideas. Craters of the Moon is located near Yellowstone National Park. Just before we arrived there we were able to visit the EBR-I atomic museum, which just so happened to be the first place in the history of our nation to produce electricity from nuclear reactor. Very funny history there, a lot of people think that there’s a lot of radiation and everyone is going to get cancer. Afterwords we were able to go on a 2 mile hike to the craters of the moon. We were able to visit these craters that were created by volcanic eruption a few dozen centuries ago. Very cool place to go on a hike, just stay on the trail or else you will get lost, starve to death, and die. Now all that is left for me to do is write a report on it. That should be fun.


Film Production

Film Production is a tricky thing. Lot’s of people want to go into the film industry to make motion picture films, but sadly the presenter explained that a lot of people with a communications degree don’t go into that field because it nearly impossible ( but I don’t need some guy to tell me not to even try, if I want to go into the film industry, then I will get into the film industry). He explained that film production could be used for a variety of sources, entertainment, advertising, news broadcasting, almost everything is portrayed in film production one way or the other. Hopefully one day I can make it, no matter how long it takes.



So kinda like journalism, advertising really doesn’t peak my interest. However, once again, the presenter did a very good job explaining what the advertising business is like. It’s all about getting to the receiver. It goes like this, the source (or product)->Encoding->Message (Ad)->Channels(medium)-> Decoding->Receiver, and the the receiver gives feedback to the advertising source. There are five P’s in the advertising world, product, price, place, promotion, and people. Those five are the most important factors in the advertising world because if we don’t focus our attention on those five, then business will go bad.


Organizational Commuincation &Advocacy

Also known as strategic communication. Deals more with the communication between the community (HOA), the urban league, and the police department. They shared with us the top ten things that employers in this field want.

  1. Work in a team structure
  2. Make decisions and solve problems
  3. Communicate verbally inside and outside an organization
  4. Plan, organize, and prioritize work
  5. Obtain and process information
  6. Analyze quantitative data
  7. Technical knowledge related to job
  8. Proficiency with software
  9. Create and/or write reports
  10. Sell and influence others

Public Relations

So this time we had the Public Relation’s department come and talk to us about their module. To tell you the truth I had no idea there was actually a degree in Public Relations, but this is what I learned so far.

  1. Public relations is the interaction between the business and the people.
  2. It’s a multi-billion dollar business (wow!)
  3. 250 US colleges and universities offer PR degree programs to more than 20,000 majors.
  4. The Public Relations society of America has 20,000 members nationwide
  5. Public Relations is a planned process to influence public opinion though sound character and profound performance based on mutually satisfactory two-way communications.

Visual Communications

First things first, this was the first and only presentation that actually had a huge impact on me. I was very intrigued to what this teacher had to offer to us. And for that I am seriously considering making this my module or my emphasis. Here are a few things I learned,

  1. The first thing companies wanted in the past was for their workers to know how to write. Now, they want workers who know how to work visual media.
  2. Visual media includes skills such as video production, digital media, web design, graphic design, and digital marketing
  3. The best website to use to save your work is klout.com
  4. Get one
  5. I don’t know why I found this session so intriguing but I do. I think maybe I found what I’ve wanted to do this whole time.

Journalism/ Blogging

So during this session of my Comm 100 class, we had someone from the journalist department come to tell us all about journalism. The truth- I’m not big into journalism. However, she did put on a great presentation. Here are a few things I learned from her,

  1. It is an act of gratitude to be informed (and so quickly in this day and age).
  2. A scripture from the religious texts of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints says that we must. Doctrine and Covenants Section 88.
  3. The greatest source of truth from a newspaper is probably the Wall Street journal (they do their job very well).
  4. Around the world journalist are risking their lives to find and tell the truth.
  5. However, journalism is not perfect.
  6. Journalism is a very popular thing because everyday people spend up to 70 minuets looking at the news from various sources (facebook, twitter, actual newspaper…)
  7. We are entering in what’s to be called the Golden Age of journalism. This is all thanks to social media
  8. The greatest way for people to practice journalism is to start a blog and write away. How cool is that!

I-Comm student media

So on this particular day we had a visit from the I-Comm student media. They were really nice- I think.  There were a few good things that I learned from them. For example,

  1. I am here to get myself an education so that later on I can receive a job that I will enjoy and a career that I will not find miserable for the rest of my life.
  2. I-Comm student media is a good place to start because if there is one place they say I can improve my writing, it’s at I-Comm student media.
  3. There are two parts of the I-Comm student Media. The first section is working for The Scroll in the copying, editing, and photography department. The second section is working for The Scroll in TV News (FYI The Scroll is the University Newspaper)
  4. There is also a Journalism program willing to give just a little bit more training to those who wish to go into journalism. They just have to go to the Soapbox information to sign up. And there you have it!