Project 1 Flier


  1. Description:

The following is a black and white promotional flier to inform about an upcoming graduate leadership conference


  1. Process (Programs, Tools, Skills, FOCUS principles):

I started off by sketching out four possible designs for my project. After selecting the sketch I wanted to proceed with, I went to InDesign and used my selection as an outline for my project. I cropped one image into four separate images to display that the company is looking for a variety of young adults. I used the box tool to align, outline, and organize my design. I colored in the boxes black to add more contrast to dark and light. I used medium sized text so the body copy was readable, but respectable to white space. I left both white space and black space. I was given the images, logo, and texts.


  1. Message:

I am trying to reach out to recent graduates who wish to learn how to improve on their skills in the competitive business market.


  1. Audience:

Recent business graduates, ages 22-30.


  1. Top Thing Learned:

White space and organization is key.


  1. Title Font Name & Category:

Gill Sans MT- Sans Serif


  1. Copy Font Name & Category:

Arial- Sans Serif


  1. Links to images used in this project






3 thoughts on “Project 1 Flier”

  1. Awesome looking flier! I really like the contrast in this one. I especially think it’s cool how you highlighted the first two sentences of text as their own sections to really make the message stand out. I also think it was a really creative move to split the one image you could include into four parts.


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