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Blur and Freeze Photos

This week for my digital imaging class we learned about how to set up and shoot blur and freeze photos. All the pictures shown are original images to portray my very first experience with blur and freeze photos.

Blur: DSLR Camera,  1/1000 shutter speed, f/7, ISO-Auto


During class, we were permitted to go outside and take shots of moving cars. This is a photo of a truck I took as it sped down one of the streets.  It took a few shots, but I was finally able to take a good photo in which the car was in view and the background was blurred.


This photo was taken at the very same place as the truck. This car wasn’t going as fast because it was pulling another vehicle. That was the reason why the background isn’t as blurred, but is still a blurred photo non-the-less.

Freeze: DSLR, 1/500 shutter speed, f/5, ISO-Auto


This photo was fun to take.  One of my roommates put a spoon underneath a sink faucet with the water running. I took multiple photos until I found a decent picture where the water was spilling evenly in all directions.


This was my favorite photo of them all. Continuing with my freeze photos, I had a roommate of mine drop a small container in a full glass of water creating an impressively big splash. We repeated this process ten times. Putting my camera on the continuous snapshot setting, I was able to take over 100 photos until I found the one that would be best to put on my blog.




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