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Portfolio Book

I am very proud to present my Photobook as my final class project for COMM 300. This book serves as my portfolio as it is a combination of my best photos. These photos range from macro photography, to portrait photography, to fine art photography.

This Photobook was designed by myself using Adobe InDesign and Adobe Photoshop. All photos inside are original photos I took this past semester. This book was published using MyPublisher



Digital Imaging, Favorite Projects

Bannack Best- Creative

As my last project from our Bannack Excursion, I was to photograph three creative photos- one levitation, one abstract, and one conceptual.

For my levitation picture, I shot a photo of myself being thrown from one room into another. I set up the shot by capturing two photos, one of the empty hallway, and another of me posing on a stool. Inside Photoshop, I blended the two photos together to create the final product.

For my abstract picture, I wanted to go for a Halloween theme picture. I took several photos of my hand in different positions around a door and blended the images to create a monstrous-like photo. I used a cracked floor texture to add detail to the arms.

For my conceptual image, I took a photo of a cowboy at a bar. The way he was positioned reminded me of a person thinking about the decisions he was making in life.


Earlier Works

Bannack Best- Fine Art

Continuing with our photography excursion at Bannack Ghost town, one of our projects was to take five fine art photos. Here are my results.



The last photo is a completed HDR photo I took at Bannack. The first photo is the finished product of my photo shoot. It is a combined effort of three photos shot with 0,-2, and 2 exposure. I blended the three images together to create the final product.





Earlier Works

Bannack Best- Portraits

Last week we were able to take a photography excursion to an amazing place named Bannack Ghost Town. Part of our assignment was to take at minimum five different portraits of the models working there. At least two of the photos had to be with auxiliary lighting. This is what I returned home with.

For this shot of the cowboy staring out of the window, I was able to use a strobe light and a reflector to get a balance shot of lighting. I didn’t do much in Photoshop except add a little contrast to the photo.


For this photo of the two Indians, we were able to take the shot using two different speed-lights placed on both sides of the camera . In Photoshop I only darkened the image and added contrast to the woman’s face.