Conceptual Challenge

Conceptual art is another word for abstract art.

This week, we were given the opportunity to create a conceptual piece of photography. Everyone in my class picked five words out of a hat and were challenged to create a photo using those five words. My words were,


After sketching out at least three different ideas, I came to the decision to shoot my photo in a pool. I ordered a creative-looking goblet from the internet and chose a model who would fit my the role perfectly.

My small photography team and I entered a pool at an hour where it was empty. We had two LED lights at both sides of the subject; one on his left that focused more on the goblet, and another on his right to focus more on his body. My settings were set as so:

ISO 200, f-stop 5, shutter speed 1/50.

Once I had taken the photo that pleased me, I took it to photoshop for editing. The first thing I did was crop the image to remove the visible LED light. I then used content-aware to remove the red lights above him and their refection in the water. I then used the healing brush tool to black out the lit door behind him. I downloaded a fire texture from http://www.texture.com and blended the fire above the goblet. I then used the brush tool to add orange light image and water. To finish it off, I added a warm filter to add contrast to the photo and used the burn tool to soften some of the harsh light. The ending product is as shown.



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