Digital Imaging


I cannot express how grateful I am to have been part of this class. I have learned from one of the best mentors ever, met so many brilliant minds, and have had the chance to boost my creative skills.

I am proud to present my photobook, a collection of my best work throughout this entire semester. I used Adobe InDesign to design all the parts of the book and then used Walmart’s online photobook to create my book. Enjoy!

Alex’s Photobook: Imagery


Portrait Photography

We had the opportunity to practice our portraits for this class.  Below are a few different photos and their compositions.

  1. Portrait (Heads and Shoulders)

Portrait (Side composition)

Portrait (Full Body)

Portrait (2+ people)

Portrait (Group activity– walking)

This last one was a tricky shot. This young man is an upcoming YouTuber and I was trying to take a good shot of him while he filmed a music video.