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Creative Images- Bannack Ghost Town

This week my class and I had the privilege to visit and explore Bannack Ghost Town, Montana.  Here we had the opportunity to shoot portraits of models, items, and landscapes using professional lighting equipment given to us by Brigham Young University-Idaho. This part of the project was my favorite because we had the opportunity to use Photoshop skills to construct creative shots and images.


Before Pictures






Ghost Image



Digital Imaging, Favorite Projects

Bannack Best- Creative

As my last project from our Bannack Excursion, I was to photograph three creative photos- one levitation, one abstract, and one conceptual.

For my levitation picture, I shot a photo of myself being thrown from one room into another. I set up the shot by capturing two photos, one of the empty hallway, and another of me posing on a stool. Inside Photoshop, I blended the two photos together to create the final product.

For my abstract picture, I wanted to go for a Halloween theme picture. I took several photos of my hand in different positions around a door and blended the images to create a monstrous-like photo. I used a cracked floor texture to add detail to the arms.

For my conceptual image, I took a photo of a cowboy at a bar. The way he was positioned reminded me of a person thinking about the decisions he was making in life.


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Close up and Personal

This week for my digital imaging class we were to take macro shots of 4 subjects; a fruit and or plant with water drops on them and 2 other subjects without water drops. For three of my photos I set up a shot where the subjects were in front of a black background to add contrast. Using a lamp that gave off a yellow light, I took pictures using canon macro extension tubs. I then edited them in Photoshop so that subjects could standout in the dark.  For my last photo I took an up-close photo of the scales of snake from a reptile expo in Utah.