Portrait Photography

We had the opportunity to practice our portraits for this class.  Below are a few different photos and their compositions.

  1. Portrait (Heads and Shoulders)

Portrait (Side composition)

Portrait (Full Body)

Portrait (2+ people)

Portrait (Group activity– walking)

This last one was a tricky shot. This young man is an upcoming YouTuber and I was trying to take a good shot of him while he filmed a music video.


Photobook: Cover, First Spread, TOC, and Professional Page

I was able to begin my photobook design process this week. I used Adobe Indesign to create my book cover, back cover, table of contents, and first spread. Here are my results.




FIRST SPREAD (left to right)



Conceptual Challenge

Conceptual art is another word for abstract art.

This week, we were given the opportunity to create a conceptual piece of photography. Everyone in my class picked five words out of a hat and were challenged to create a photo using those five words. My words were,


After sketching out at least three different ideas, I came to the decision to shoot my photo in a pool. I ordered a creative-looking goblet from the internet and chose a model who would fit my the role perfectly.

My small photography team and I entered a pool at an hour where it was empty. We had two LED lights at both sides of the subject; one on his left that focused more on the goblet, and another on his right to focus more on his body. My settings were set as so:

ISO 200, f-stop 5, shutter speed 1/50.

Once I had taken the photo that pleased me, I took it to photoshop for editing. The first thing I did was crop the image to remove the visible LED light. I then used content-aware to remove the red lights above him and their refection in the water. I then used the healing brush tool to black out the lit door behind him. I downloaded a fire texture from http://www.texture.com and blended the fire above the goblet. I then used the brush tool to add orange light image and water. To finish it off, I added a warm filter to add contrast to the photo and used the burn tool to soften some of the harsh light. The ending product is as shown.



Cultural Enlightenment

I was able to do a small photo-shoot with a friend of mine named James Raney.  James has been playing soccer since he was five years old. His parents, who originate from Ecuador, inspired him to play soccer all the way to college.  He hopes to one day become a sports coach in either soccer or basketball.




Unfortunately, it slipped my mind to take a photo of my setup. In a nutshell, I had one speed light over to my left and my subject in front of me; creating a triangle of light. I also had two LED lights set up to my right and left to give the subject a more softer glow.


Theme Photos: Old But Not Forgotten

I really enjoyed doing this project. During my trip at Bannack, I was amazed whenever I saw an object that was old and worn down, such as an old saddle hanging at a stable or a podium standing in the middle of an abandoned church. That’s where the idea of old objects that had great importance to the people of Bannack came into my mind. Some of the fonts I used included,

Bodoni 72, Old Style– Body

American Typewriter Regular, Old Style– Body and Text

Sinhala Bold, San Serif– Text



Macro Images

This week’s project was fun to complete. We studied how to create macro images and were given the task on taking some macro shots of everyday objects. I was able to take very good shots of a small pocket-watch. I used my iPhone as the ground layer so I could get a little bit of that reflective mirroring in my shots. I also took some photos of a leaf and a fruit with a water drop on them using macro lenses for a 58 mm lens. The biggest challenge for me though was taking the shot of the ice cube on fire. I had to douse the ice cube with hand-sanitizer  and wait for the flames to spread along the ice. It turned out pretty well if I do say so myself.










Perspective of 12

This week for our class assignment, we had the challenge to take 12 photos of one object from 12 different angles. Since I was in the Disney mood, I decided to take photos of the rose from Beauty and the Beast. I took these photos on a theater stage in complete darkness using only a few LED lights and speed lights. We were also challenged to add an online texture to one of our photos.


I used these photos for my texture challenge


And the final product came out as this.


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Portfolio Book

I am very proud to present my Photobook as my final class project for COMM 300. This book serves as my portfolio as it is a combination of my best photos. These photos range from macro photography, to portrait photography, to fine art photography.

This Photobook was designed by myself using Adobe InDesign and Adobe Photoshop. All photos inside are original photos I took this past semester. This book was published using MyPublisher




Project 9 Portfolio


  • Project Corrections / Time spent: So after fiddling around with my projects, I made some changes to my stationery project. I fixed the coloring and lighting on my business cards and redid my letterhead until it was more organized and neat. In total I spent about an hour and a half on the letterhead and 45 minutes on the business card.
  • Message: I wanted to showcase everything I learned this semester in a professional way. It was my first time ever using adobe programs.
  • Audience: Potential clients and employers who want to give me an internship.
  • Top Thing Learned: Spend a good 2-3 days on each project.
  • Future application of Visual Media: I hope to get hired for an internship so I can receive further training in Visual Communications.
  • Color scheme and color names : Monochromatic- Tan
  • Title Font Name & Category: AR Julian- Slab Serif/ Decorative
  • Copy Font Name & Category: Minion Pro- San Serif
  • Thumbnails of Images used:
  • Sources (Links to images on original websites / with title of site):
  • http://www.textures.com/download/papercrumpled0005/14649?q=paper
  • http://www.textures.com/download/paperpage0005/101051?q=paper